The Study of Deuteronomy Has Kicked-Off!

16 Sep

Download the study guide: CLICK HERE

Deuteronomy contains 3 sermons Moses delivered on the border, before the people were to cross over into the Promised Land.  The class time today was spent reviewing the first lesson, “Looking Back to Go Forward.” The purpose of looking back was to remind the people of past mistakes with the goal of not repeating those mistakes as they moved forward.   In the class discussion of the material that is in the first three chapters of Deuteronomy,  several themes were identified:  the people were obstreperous, faithless, continually confronted by the consequences of their behavior.  The good news is that while God was angered by the people and did provide discipline, God never gave up on his people – the Lord continued to be their God, the promises made to them were still valid.

The lesson next week is based on Deuteronomy 4, pay attention to the ways in which Moses speak to the people about “entering and occupying” the Land.


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